Freshmen/Sophomore (Beginner & Intermediate Program)


35 day subscription

Hey fit gang! Welcome to the freshman introduction program. This program requires no equipment and is low impact for beginners! This will show you have to successfully execute movements to avoid injuries and helpb your future progress!

This program will begin jan 14th!

Who is this program for: *anyone with limited mobility *novice trainees *people who have little to no workout experience * anyone plauged with injuries that prevent them from properly squatting, utilizing their core, or those whob required modified methods.

How long is the program:you will have a total of 35 days access to the program from jan 14th. The program is a 28 day program, but an extra week is alloted to make up for late starters or missed days

Important notes: following the diet is the key to any fitness programs success! Without the diet you will not yeild muscle gain or fat loss results. Working out will aid in burning calories and reshapping the nbody but it is only 20% of the equation. The other 80% is what you choose to put in your body.

**after recieving the program, which will populate on jan 13th, be sure to type in your personal body stats into the macro calculator so that you know how many calories to consume of the listed foods allowed!

**be sure to submit your before pic in the progress tracker so that we are able to evaluate your progress from day 1. Submit a photo weekly as well to make it easier to follow your progress until the end. 

** once successfully finising the freshman program it will be time to ngraduate to the sophomore program which will increase in difficulty ! 

Stick to your diet, train 3-5 days a week for best results !!

Juniors/Seniors (Advanced Masters Program)


30 day subscription

Welcome to the Juniors/Seniors Advanced master program. This program will focus on the exercises needed to build up your lower body to achieve the curves we are all looking for. Rememeber, muscles are shapley and round, fat is what creates cellulite, craters and dimples. More muscle = more curves!! Gym access is required for this program! The only way to achieve muscle growth is through weight training. The muscle must be stressed to grow,  body weight exercises and light weight is not going to cut it. In addition, the weight and rep range you use while lifting MATTERS. If you think doing 3 sets of 25 squats every night before bed is going to help build your butt, you are mistaken! Thats not how this works at all! I've combinded my extensive time spent studying with years of experience to bring you an efficient and easy to follow program!

*Meal plan and supplement list included in all programs* 

 For this program you will have 30 DAY access to the workouts. I recommend training 4-5 x a week.

*All sales final

Fit - U All Access


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  • Full Access to all nutrition guides and meal plans
  • Full Access to all workout programs

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