2020-01-21 20:08:42
I need to handle these accounts but first let me eat nomnom
delilah edge: What’s the big ball?
delilah edge: How did you do with your macros yesterday
Lillie Freeman: its a beef meatball and i think i did pretty good have been logging them in a journal and paying attention the the labels
2020-01-20 21:16:24
Hey y'all okay so imma come out and just say it. I do t k ow if I'm doing it wrong or overthinking it but my marcros are driving me crazy. Was anyone
Else feeling this and how did you overcome it?
delilah edge: I just tweak where I need to
Lillie Freeman: Yeah I've been debating on follow the meal plan the guide to a T but macros lol I just want to make sure I do it right. I'm sick of not being snatch lol
Nay jones: @lilliefreeman the meal plan is on an example of how to structure it. The meal plan doesn’t matter if you aren’t consuming the right amount according to your macros. The macros is the whole point.