2020-01-15 15:12:56
If you don’t have a scale on hand here is a way to measure your portion sizes.
2020-01-13 11:37:11
To add your profile Pic click the avatar at the top right. Scroll to settings. Turn phone sideways and click profile image. The option is hidden on mobile. Turning phone landscape will make option available.
Sonda Brown: Thank you!
2020-01-11 15:39:54
Fitness University classmates ‼️
2020-01-09 09:40:52
Sonda Brown: Shawty on the right
2019-09-07 18:57:10
Check out your teammates progress !
Santasha Quarles : Good work!!!!
Tyshun Ross: You go girl! Keep it up
2019-09-01 21:49:04
Great progress!!
2019-08-18 12:27:51
WELCOME AUGUST CLASS ! Be sure to post your day 1 photos today and progress photos every Sunday ! How are y’all doing ? Your program is now available
Latrice Tyler : Thanks got it
Sundra Ridenhour: I'm excited