2020-01-28 17:47:18
Be sure to keep your progress photos updated. I’m giving $100 to the best transformations for January’s challenge. If you have made some progress drop a before and update on the feed
2020-01-27 10:38:18
Happy Monday !!! Be sure to update you progress photos !!!
2020-01-15 16:12:56
If you don’t have a scale on hand here is a way to measure your portion sizes.
2020-01-14 22:39:42
how was your water intake today? I had 9 bottles today !!
Sonda Brown: That’s excellent!!
delilah edge: I missed this post yesterday ended with 2 gallons currently at 1 gallon for today
2020-01-13 12:37:11
To add your profile Pic click the avatar at the top right. Scroll to settings. Turn phone sideways and click profile image. The option is hidden on mobile. Turning phone landscape will make option available.
Sonda Brown: Thank you!
2020-01-13 08:07:15
For everyone doing the senior program, BE SURE TO ADD WEIGHT!!! we are executing EXAMPLES on the videos. we could not use weight while filming 50 different exercises, or else we would have been exhausted. so be sure to add weight, but still execute the exercises the same way. for muscle growth you rep range should be 8-12 reps @ 75-85% off your max.
ex: my squat max is 405 lbs, if my goal ig growth then I would need to be doing each set for 8-12 reps using 303-344 lbs . Please , share your workouts, photos , meals and ask questions pertaining to the program. Also, let us know your City , you may find a new workout partner!!
delilah edge: Day one super ready I am in Charlotte will be in the gym in the afternoon
Nay jones: Awesome , I am going to the gym at about 11
Sonda Brown: Let’s get it‼️‼️‼️
2020-01-13 06:11:43
delilah edge: It’s Day 1 omg soooooooo ready! Who’s with me I cannot wait to transform this body! Thumbs up
2020-01-11 16:39:54
Fitness University classmates ‼️
2020-01-09 22:21:08
when calculating your macros, select 3-4 days a week for your workouts if you workout 3+ days a week. if you workout less, then select that. Do not use the option above 3-4 days because it is calculating the carb intake to high. We are in the process of rewriting it. On any plan I do not suggest exceeding 130-150 g of carbs a day if your intention is to lose weight, no matter what the calculator says. The protein intake should be your weight x( .8-1) ,in that range is optimal.
2020-01-09 10:40:52
Sonda Brown: Shawty on the right