2019-08-26 13:16:57
Did everyone upload progress photos yesterday !
Sabrina Murphy : No. I did only three workouts last week. Additionally didn’t get properly for the last 3 days of the week.
Nay jones: I don’t understand what you wrote.
Sabrina Murphy : I did not upload a picture
2019-08-24 16:55:51
Be sure to keep your water intake up ! Try to get to a gallon a day. The water will wash out the toxins and help remove excess sodium from your system that causes us to bloat ! I prefer alkaline water myself.
2019-08-24 16:52:34
If you need to contact me be sure to send email from this website ! Click menu then contact. This is the email address directly for clients. Some people have emailed from Instagram and I am just now getting those messages because I don’t check them for client inquiries as often! The correct email address is Nayfituniversity@gmail.com
2019-08-24 16:18:29
Be sure to upload your progress photos. If they aren’t updated it will be hard for me to adjust your macros along the way if needed.
2019-08-19 14:34:17
How was day 1 for everyone !? Take photos and share your workouts and meal ideas !
Santasha Quarles : It went well
Santasha Quarles : Just finished day 3
2019-08-18 12:27:51
WELCOME AUGUST CLASS ! Be sure to post your day 1 photos today and progress photos every Sunday ! How are y’all doing ? Your program is now available
Latrice Tyler : Thanks got it
Sundra Ridenhour: I'm excited
2019-08-10 20:00:27
Hey Fit Gang ! You can now ask questions or add photos and motivation here !
Jalesa Williams: Hey! I'm so excited to get started. Quick question. I calculated my macros and setting up my meal plan. Do you suggest weighing protein (chicken/fish) before or after you cook it?
Nay jones: hey. Measure your rice portions and stuff after cooking because they absorb water and expand. Depending on how you cook your protein , if you cook a whole chicken then of course cut off a portion and weigh then serve. I mostly measure as I’m prepping the serving to plate
Jalesa Williams: Thanks!