2020-01-23 12:13:31
Can’t wait to workout after work today!☺️
2020-01-19 00:21:28
Loving the Senior Challenge!!!☺️☺️☺️
delilah edge: Loving it too it’s amaze balls I am really feeling the work ! Can’t wait to see how far this takes me
Sonda Brown: Right! I’m feeling it too!
2020-01-16 22:12:39
How’s everyone fitness journey going?
Sonda Brown: @delilah that’s good.
Sonda Brown: @nay Good you rested, hun!
Natasha Roberts : Loving every moment. My body aches right now, but I Love it! No pain, no gain
2020-01-13 11:22:46
Workout kicked my
Sonda Brown: I completed the Senior program today, but when I got fatigued, I did some of the Junior too.
Nay jones: Great idea. I hope everyone likes the option of having two programs this year
Sonda Brown: I LOVE having two programs, Coach☺️‼️
2020-01-13 07:23:07
I’m about to get it DONE‼️
Nay jones: YASSSS!! GO TEAM!!! Please share a post workout pic!
delilah edge: Yesssss go team go
Sonda Brown: Gang Gang!
2020-01-13 07:21:13
Has anybody completed Day 1 yet⁉️ If so, how was it??
delilah edge: Not yet doing it this afternoon have to finish meal prep what time are you going
Sonda Brown: Cool. I’m gonna go in 30 minutes or so!