Fitness U Waist Band

Flexible and durable with velcro adjustment straps. Great for waist trimming and back support.

Start with your Fitness Level, Graduate with a Full Body Transformation

Programs for all Fitness Levels.

Start with the Freshman/Sophomore fitness programs. Follow the meal guides
Complete the daily video routines
Log your results with the Progress Tracker.

Resistance Leg Bands

Fabric resistance great for home workouts. Non-slip, comfortable fit. Take your bodyweight workouts to the next level.

Transform your Body,
Graduate from Fitness U

Freshman - For beginners or individuals that took some time off. Start gradually with modified exercises with less stress on knees/joints. Longer rest periods, shorter routines.

Sophomore  - Routines include partially modified exercises. Slightly faster pace than the Freshman routine. Less rest days and faster intervals.

Junior/Senior  - High Intensity Interval Training including fast interval cardio, leg, glute and upper body strength and toning along with ab and waist trimming exercise routines.


Fit-U Fitness Challenge

  • Program focus - Glute and leg building Waist and back toning (Goal-shrink waistline, reduce back fat, build and shape legs and glutes)
  • Meal guide
  • Daily training Videos
  • Weekly check ins (progress photos/body stats)
  • Supplement List
  • Flexible training schedule


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